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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Musquets           ...                      ...         4,00,000
(Other) weapons                         ...         £,Gi;,uCu"
Haiyarigalu       ...                    ...         2,00,000 f
Archers              ...                    ...         3.00,000
Gadaderu and Farangis            ...         £.00,000
And having summoned in this manner ail tYa oiSetrs, the
Padniakas commanded them to fight well vrith liajabLuvara.
Having received the order, they set out id '.1 irnivi.:^ at the
distance of a yojatia of RaksasataLigadi, 7\\nrk'c liujabhurara
was encamped, halted there.
Then, Uizam Saha Padtisaha and IbarlHtn Haha Imamu
Kntubu Saha. these two":, hurhiz liiet t"»i'trher began to niiite
their forces. Nest, they resolved to tight stubbornly as they
had already planned; and having opposed (the enemy), they
commenced the battle. The Narspati who noticed this
(manoeuvre , having called all his officers, united his troops,
and ?aid that they should right BO as to bring glory to their
soldiership. Accordingly, they marched to the battle§.
luiamana Mulkuiia Padu^aha having moved-* to one side, with
his army, marched to the battle. The Karnataka army having
noticed this marched forward bravely^. It is not possible to
describe the armies, which liad joined in a fearful battle of
artillery > Owing to the smoke (of artillery), the soldiers
*   Tliis i» not mentioned in /. 0. *V.
T HxtyZra xaea.ns a weapon. \Viiat kind of weapon it stand* for here is aot
quite evident.
+ The second name appears to bt a ccmbication of two oames IbrlHm Katub
ShSh and laaSna-nl-Mtlk. "Tiisw Nizam ShSii *ad Coots.:od ShZia formed a junction
of th«ir annie: in one place znd tcck a\ oat a amcug thedelves to fight courageously
with goad faith and valour."—/.tf.J/. pp, 197-8.
§ They marched ''against the fort of RSjnarSyalao ana began the fight with a
cannonade from their gu&a. The Narapattee c«hoidin£ their endeavour; rentier hi*
omcers an 1 recommeniing th«m to seek for ren >wn by valour in battle, they insUntly
moved out toward the eneaay."—/. <3. *!/., pp. 197-8.
$ I he original ha.% ' fetkalauu kudt ' but its meaning i* cot ittteliigible.
/. O. M, p. 198 has ' moved up to fight on th* opposite side.'
^   mmwtt* ki&du.
'< The text 12 corrupt; and the sense is aot Quite cl«*r. * And both partis*
staadicg opposite one another fired ofi their cannon in TolleyE *t once*'—/.O^V^ p, 19i.